When Juventus and Napoli fans Came Infront Of Each Other !

Consider, a case when two teams are playing in filed and their fans are playing in street !! sounds strange but this is true, recently a video has come on social media in which Juventus and Napoli are faced to face. This video is taking the internet by storm. The video was recorded by a man standing on the balcony and watching the whole incident. 


In the starting of this video fans of both the team ( Juventus and Napoli) are coming from opposite end of the street and then boom, both met at a center point. But, what happened next will just blow your mind.  This video is from Italy Turin, The video was recorded and was uploaded to social media where it has become a great hit.


As per the video both the rivals hug each other and started singing songs, it can be noticed people in the street went here and there as they see both the groups coming.  Two women who were roaming in the street went away in just seconds and women who didn’t find a way to run hide behind a car with her dog.

WOW ! this is how rivals should live, what happens in the match should be ended there itself and team spirit should live forever. This has set an example for the football fans all over the world.


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