In Just Four Years : Man Bitten By Shark, Bear And Snake, Now He Says ” I’m Either Really Lucky Or…”

Once you are bitten by a wild animal we are damn sure you won’t dare to go close to another wild animal. But, this man is just opposite to the world. Dylan McWilliams is famous for his injuries that he got from a shark, bear, and snake. Imagine you were bitten by a wild bear and after that a snake gives you bite. After this, you won’t go near to any other wild animal.


“I’m either really lucky or really unlucky,” says Dylan the man who was bitten by a bear long back and managed to live. In another incident when he was up for his another life a snake bite take him to the bed again.  This 20 years man is a great savior and a great nature lover too. Maybe this is the point that has saved him thrice.


In the recent incident, he was 15ft below the water when a shark came to chase him, the water was all dusky and he lost his ability to see due to fear.  The shark was now on his leg and he could only do was to surrender himself. The shark followed him to the shore and lastly gave a huge cut on Dylan’s leg.  On the shore, a Women came to give him first aid after which he went to the hospital. This 20-year-old boy is still not ready to stop his adventures. In the last four years anyhow he has managed to safeguard himself.

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