Wow ! Young Couple Bought £220,000 Home Before Turning 21,Their Saving Method Will Leave You Stunned !

Nathan Doe, 21, and Tyla Stanworth, 20,  are the new couple goal for lovers all around the world. They had been dating each for a long time. Now both the lovebirds have bought a dream house that cost around 220 Pounds. Yes, you read it right in £220,000 pounds this couple has bought a super lovely house.

What makes it more special is that they both haven’t taken money from bank or parents, the money they saved has got them this dream house. Nathan now works as a training planning and diagramming specialist for Arriva Trains Wales and Tyla works in the facilities and finance team at Qualifications Wales.


Both of them decided to buy a house year back and for this, they started saving money, the ultimate thing that they have told to save money is not to do party. Both haven’t done a party in the last year and have finally got their dream house, Besides this, both of them shifted to parents house and saved a lot. Their saving in a year was around 300,000 pounds. Their saving includes never going out for shopping and even having the leftover food.

The couple has given a major goal to everyone who wants to buy a house if you dream of something you can achieve it by remaining determined. 


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